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What is STEM?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is an approach to education that focuses on improving the country’s competitive position globally and strengthening economic growth.

National Institute of STEM Research (NISTEMR) focuses on improving the quality of print and online journals to improve the readers’ knowledge. Assists author by providing Research Editing Service.

Also available Academic Translation, Manuscript Formatting, & Figure Services.

Language Editing

Have a manuscript, research paper, presentation, or other scientific document that needs professional English editing before submission? Our native speakers of American or British English and PhD/PhD applicants will be thoroughly checked for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary.

Scientific Editing

Our scientific editing service is designed to give you the guidance you need to produce a comprehensive, well-articulated journal article. Our experienced reviewers will conduct an in-depth assessment of your manuscript, providing advice on everything from key reporting requirements regarding study design to the strength and positioning of your research argument.

Academic Translation

Translates your manuscript into English from any other language.

Manuscript Formatting

Formats your manuscript in accordance with the specific journal’s formatting guidelines when submitting or resubmitting.

Figure Formatting

Format your figures according to journal guidelines or present your data as graphical abstracts or custom charts.

Journal Recommendation

We provide a journal recommendation service to remove the hassle and frustration of finding the appropriate publication. To help you save time and get your research in front of the right people, we’ll have a subject area expert examine your manuscript and publication goals and make journal recommendations.

How It Works


Describe your manuscript and publishing objectives.


A specialist in the field evaluates the breadth of relevant journals to determine which ones are the greatest fit for the work.


An expert will recommend three to five publications that are suitable for your type of content.


Receive access to a report detailing the reach, indexing, Impact Factor, publishing frequency, and open access policies of relevant journals.